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April 1st, 2010   Surface Science Integration builds repeatable, safety compliant 200mm RTA system. This system is state of the art in regards to form, function and user functions.

June 9, 2009       Surface Science Integration becomes an Affiliate Member of the Nimet Nanoscale Research Facility at the University of Florida As an affiliate member, SSI has access to the NRF facilities and will participate in research with the Nanoscience Institute for Medical & Engineering Technologies.

June 6, 2009           Surface Science Integration Partners with Cook & Associates to sell
and support SSI products on the US East Coast. Ron Cook and his team are
Industry leaders in providing semiconductor equipment and support.


August 10, 2008       Surface Science Integration has formally partnered with AIA Vista Tech to provide
Thermal Solutions to large panel production. A1A Vista Tech provides customproduction systems for high volume in the Solar Cell and Flat Panel Industry.
See http://www.a1avistatech.com/


July 2, 2008          Surface Science Integration Introduces Eclipse Vacuum RTA System

Surface Science Integration has released the Eclipse Vacuum RTA System for
production. The Eclipse is a Turbo pumped RTA with capabilities of temperature
ranges from RT-1400 C and processing pressures down to 10E-5. The Eclipse is
designed for diffusion and oxidation processes that require extended times at high

July 15, 2006          Surface Science Integration Partners with Labtec Sales, Inc, to sell and
support SSI products in Southern and Northern California. Labtec Sales is an Industry
leader in providing semiconductor equipment and support in the State of California.
Frank Lowry, Sales Director of Labtec, is an industry veteran with many years of
experience in providing solutions to the semiconductor industry.

June 1, 2006         Surface Science Integration Announces Strategic Research with The
University of Florida

Surface Science Integration has partnered with The University of Florida Department of
Materials Science to develop and evaluate Advanced Rapid Thermal Ozone processes
for carbon removal and sub-atomic cleaning prior to ohmic metalization of III-V
compound semiconductor

February 21, 2006         Surface Science Integration Partners with L&B Semiconductor Solutions Ltd.

Surface Science Integration has partnered with L&B Semiconductor Solutions to distribute
the SSI product line to Europe, SE Asia and the Middle East. According to Wayne Morrow,
President, SSI. “L&B is a sales and support organization with a global presence that will
help SSI take our leading edge products world-wide. We are ecstatic that L&B has
partnered with SSI to promote our products to the ROW.”
March 31, 2005            Surface Science Integration joins the Army Flexible Display Center at
Arizona State University. Surface Science Integration has joined the Flexible Display
Center as a Charter Associate Member. The Flexible Display Center is the result of a
$43.7-million cooperative agreement between the U.S. Army Research Laboratory and
Arizona State University. Surface Science Integration will contribute various technologies to
the Flexible Display Center and will serve on Technical Advisory Boards that influence
annual project planning and technical direction. The Flexible Display Center (FDC) at
Arizona State University (ASU) is a university/industry/government collaborative venture
designed to advance full color flexible display technology and flexible display
manufacturing to the brink of commercialization. The principal goal of the FDC is to develop
high performance, commercially-viable, conformal and flexible displays that are
lightweight, rugged, low power, and low cost. Visit http://flexdisplay.asu.edu

December 7, 2004           Surface Science Integration announces a strategic research
collaboration with The University of Florida. The joint research with the Department of
Materials Science & Engineering will concentrate on the development and analysis of
advanced ceramics for corrosion resistance in high density plasma chemistries.


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